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End the War:The Ultimate Overwhelm Makeover!
"Before Working with Tanya, I was having major issues with anxiety, depression and stress. After my first 6 week program I can truly say that not only do I feel happier and more self confident, but I have a set of tools to utilize when any amount of stress or anxiety returns. Her guidance and instruction have helped me to start down a path of caring for myself in a manner that I never did before. As a result, gradually I can feel the pressures relieved, and I am confident that over time continuing to practice Tanya's strategies they will become like second nature. When I reflect on my decision to do this for myself I cannot be any happier. Thank You Tanya!" - Nick, Abington, PA

Overcome stress, anxiety & overwhelm and find peace without medication.

Join Transformational Psychology NLP Coach and ERYT Tanya Tecce and ERYT Tara Roulis at tAra Yoga for this supportive, transformative 6-week course and learn how to navigate the next year (and a Newer You) with a fresh, new perspective that sticks! Throughout this course you will not only receive life-altering coaching, but you will receive unlimited yoga at tAra Yoga while this course is running!

It’s easy to find information about living with less stress and more balance, freedom and joy but what about tools that actually help you do that? And how do you follow your bliss while truly leaving the guilt, stress, anxiety and overwhelm behind?

Are you Ready to Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm and Find Balance, Peace and Joy without the use of medication?

As a member of the tAra Yoga family, you already know some of the benefits yoga offers in living a more balanced life. Enhance the effectiveness of yoga’s treasures and further add to your skill set in this transformative workshop including discussion, mastery level life coaching, experiential exercises, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), cutting edge positive psychology, shadow work, family systems work, neuroscience, spirituality and light asana aimed to help you acquire techniques to:

• Learn to FOCUS and prioritize.

• Learn how to begin to manage your time, resources,
and responsibilities with greater balance.

• Learn how to kick guilt to the curb! 

• Recognize your specific triggers that cause
overwhelm and rewire your reaction to them!

• Begin to behave differently without having to
REMEMBER to behave differently.

• Gain even more of an understanding of how
important your physiology is to feeding your emotions, which
in turn feeds your life experience.

• Continue to evolve habitual thought patterns that
will keep you focused on opportunities rather than stuck on

• Begin to feel like you work just fine and get
comfortable with the idea that you aren’t broken.

• Get crystal clear on what you WANT.

"I love Tanya and her program. I am not usually drawn to these 'type' of programs/workshops. If you allow it, it digs deeper into your inner thoughts/psyche and provides you with many tools for the future. I loved the group part too - very diverse, interesting people in my group that I otherwise wouldn't have encountered." - Debby, Philadelphia, PA

If you are ready to have more confidence in yourself and your choices and accept where you are and honor the past while looking forward to the future:

The course begins on Sunday, October 15 and completes Sunday, November 19; meeting each Sunday from 4-6pm.

JOIN US for this incredible program! Register online at www.tarayogaphilly.com/workshops

Investment is $697
Pay in Full - $597 (by October 1)

“What stands out the most for me were some of the techniques that you showed us where you can truly change your reaction or the way you feel about things immediately. That is proving very helpful for me already..." - Mariane, Glenside, PA
Tanya Tecce is a skilled, experienced coach who graduated with Honors in the Behavioral Sciences and is Mastery Level Certified in Transformational Psychology NLP (neurolinguistic programming) coaching which utilizes cutting-edge positive psychology, family constellations, shadow work, neuroscience and spirituality. She is also an E-RYT500 and a CHHC (Certified Holistic Health Coach). Tanya coaches and utilizes methods that therapists don't tend to use in their day-to-day practice. Tanya cares about the environment, helped initiate single stream recycling and helped Pennsylvania’s 6th largest township reduce their biodegradable waste by tens of thousands of pounds and discover an annual revenue stream of over $200K. She loves hanging out with her three sons, and also when they and their friends call her mother nature. She has recently turned 33 after being 29 awhile. Tanya loves to travel and is working on turning her conversational Italian skills into fluency.