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4 or 5 years

I want to preface this post by saying two things:

1) I'll refer to God in this post. I use the word God because it's what I was brought up with and it's easy. I don't know what God is. I can't define it using the English language (can anyone?) but what I do know is that I don't run the show down here. Thank God for that.

2) I'll refer to the recent (yesterday's) election here. 

Feel free to close this post now and carry on with your day. 

If you're still here you should know two more things: 

1) My kids go to Catholic school. I am not Catholic. Their dad is. I love their school more than I could ever love any other school though and I am so grateful for the spiritual, educational and social foundation they receive there. And those Catholic school manners...gotta love 'em. That being said, I am NOT the Mommy to hit up for help with Religion homework. Kid: "Mom! Which apostle...." Me: "You got the wrong Mom, kid."

2) My kids were both staunch Hillary supporters. (Does that go with being Catholic? Don't answer, I'm stereotyping.) Riley, my 8 year old daughter, has asked everyone in her path over the past several months who they are voting for and proudly declared her choice for president was obvy Hillary, because she's a woman, duh. 

So on the way to school yesterday, Election Day, Riley says, "what if Hillary doesn't win, Mommy?" 

Shit. What do you say to an 8 year old whose little dreams are pinned on the results of something so huge? I thought about it for a minute and suggested we pray for God's will to be done (who AM I???) and then told them what I thought about God's will. 

I told them how grateful I am that things don't usually work out the way I plan them to. I used my divorce from their dad as an example. I told them how when their daddy and I met we had big plans. We really loved each other and were so excited to have them (them being RJ and Riley) and were excited to start our own family. But God had other plans. God needed us to not be together because he needed to give us Macie, their 3 year old sister from their dad. I asked them how much happier their lives were because they had Macie, and they couldn't even put it into words. Their smiles said it all. So I went back to the divorce. I told them how sad and mad their Dad and I were and how much we even hated each other. We all thought the world was ending. But it didn't. I reminded them that because we went through all that terrible stuff they now get an awesome step-mom and a super fun baby sister. We talked about how one day, maybe I'll remarry and have a baby (Riley wants a girl, RJ wants a boy...in case you were wondering). I also now call their dad one of my best friends (usually). 

It took about 4 years for their dad and I to get to this place. Actually 5, but I want to stick with the hope message, so let's say 4. :) We have no idea what the next 4 years will bring, but I do know this: my radio still turned on when I jumped in the car at 5:30 this morning, they still play too much Justin Bieber on said radio, I'm going to keep teaching yoga, there's Lemongrass in my essential oil diffuser and jazz playing on Pandora right now which makes me happy, I still have family and friends that I love, and I can survive anything for 4 (really 5) years. 

My ex-husband and I are taking the kids to get passports today so they can be at his wedding this May in Mexico, you know, granted the great Trump wall doesn't prohibit that. I might try to convince him to apply for visas too...just in case.

P.S. I warned you there'd be God and political talk. No complaints. xo