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RJ blog partner It's a Thursday morning just after 10am again. I'm sitting here with my little blog partner. His other half is sleeping soundly in my bed which she transplanted herself into around 3am.  The AC is on but the window is cracked because I like fresh air and the outside noises (I know, I'm destroying the environment). There's Acceptance and Orange in my oil diffuser because I need that shit my life.  The difference between this morning and my first blog post is that I'm sad.  I'm going to miss these mornings. I sat down to write about simplicity...and I will...but I've found that these simple moments with RJ have been some of my favorite and most memorable moments of my summer. 

Some of you know we're in the middle of a social media challenge at tAra Yoga.  Basically, I post a picture of myself in a yoga pose, and then each day you can post a picture of yourself in that pose using the hashtag #tarayogaposeaday to earn one percent off of your next package or month at tAra Yoga orrrr just for fun.  I have friends and family all over the country participating (maybe next year we'll be global?!) just for kicks and a second of social media fame :) 

I spent a (very early) morning with Shannon Collins (check her out...she's AMAZING) doing a photo shoot for the challenge.  It felt funny to even tell people I was doing a photo shoot. Seriously.  Who do I think I am? Anyway...she's fantastic; and she sent me over 100 photos that I had to narrow down to 30.  As I sorted through them in awe of her skills it struck me that my very favorite photo was one of me in Child's Pose.  The most simple and basic pose in our practice.  Our resting posture.  I joke in my classes that it's our emergency exit strategy.  I also say, and have heard other teachers say, that we can spend our entire class in child's pose and breathe and just absorb the energy of the other people in the room and THAT would be a complete practice.  What a lovely invitation. So simple.

There are a lot of crazy and challenging yoga poses. A few are included in our challenge. They take consistent practice to gain the flexibility and strength to arrive in them. However, when I see someone in a class come down onto their knees in child's pose without being cued, THAT person has one of the most advanced practices in the room.  THAT person is listening to their bodies, their breath, their mind and saying 'I honor that I need to rest and find simplicity for a moment (or 67 moments).' Or perhaps they're saying 'F*ck this shit.' We'll never know.  My point here is...we don't have to do crazy handstands or arm balances to be 'advanced.' Sometimes the most simple postures are what we need in any given moment.  And as I tell my classes...I know plenty of a$$holes who can do handstands, so if you're hanging out in child's pose, fret not.

Back to RJ and the other half who is still sleeping, 39 minutes later.  I torture myself as a mother and I'm sure I'm not alone.  I think I need to make everything fun, do exciting things with them, etc. etc. Yesterday I picked them up from their dad and the humidity index didn't say swamp so I wanted to take them to Spruce Street Harbor Park.  Guess what?? They didn't want to go.  They wanted to come home to hang out and watch TV and play video games and read.  Simple, right? But I needed more excitement.  My ego was hurt because they always do fun stuff with Daddy and not with me (man, I was being a baby).  So after dinner I convince them to go for a walk to get ice cream. Simple, right? Except not, because RJ needed his bike. Then half way up the block Riley decided she wanted her bike. Ice cream - check. Then on the way home Riley melts down; doesn't want to ride her bike, has a cramp in her side, waterworks...and I'm on a mission.  We have to get home.  Why?? I can't even explain it. After about 8 minutes of this nonsense Riley apologizes to me and I feel terrible.  We hug it out, and walk home more slowly, and simply, and everyone went to bed.  My lesson...we didn't need to go for that walk. They were completely content making friendship bracelets and watching movies in the simplicity of our tiny, little apartment and I was the one who needed excitement. Story of my life...more on that in another post. 

School starts soon, and these quiet mornings with RJ will come to an end.  These simple moments will be the ones that I remember, and I need to remember that.  

What are your favorite simple moments? Take a moment to create a profile and comment below.  I'd love to know :)

pose a day childs pose

Tara is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Dana Hot Yoga in Bala Cynwyd, PA and continues to further her education with world renowned teachers such as Seane Corn, Sri Dharma Mittra and Kathryn Budig whenever possible. Tara works to make her classes challenging, fun and inspiring; but her biggest goal is making yoga accessible to people of all experience levels and backgrounds. Yoga has helped Tara to find some serenity in her crazy life as a single mom of two small children and a business owner and she is passionate about sharing that with others. She has her BS in Accounting from Penn State and when she's not working or practicing yoga you can find her spending time with friends, cooking, or playing with her kids. Tara is also a Young Living essential oil educator. You can see more about that here: http://www.smiledrop.com/tararoulisyoga